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Are you ready to come speed dating in Leeds? We launched Leeds speed dating way back in February 2005 and since then have run many successful evenings. Come Speed Dating in Leeds and you will get to meet 12-15 professional, fun, interesting and good looking people in your age range from Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding area, in a relaxed, safe environment. Most people who try Speed Dating will be successful in getting follow up dates with someone they really want to see again. With a huge range of events in all age ranges checking availability is a breeze.

Upcoming Leeds Speed Dating events

  • Brooklyn Bar

    Ages 25-35

    Women:9 places remaining, Men:Places available
  • Brooklyn Bar

    Ages 20s & 30s

    Places available
  • Brooklyn Bar

    Ages 21-35

    Places available
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Slow Dating is fun

There are a variety of reasons why people live in Leeds or Bradford, or Yorkshire for that matter. Speed dating in Yorkshire is becoming ever more popular as it is a fun night out which everybody enjoys, but at the same time the evening has a serious side, as it is often the first step on the way to a successful long term relationship. Speed Dating in Leeds will be fun for you, but also successful - you will most likely get at least one match with someone you will want to see again. Leeds is a great city, yet often finding that right person can be difficult. Come Speed Dating in Leeds and you will improve your chances of meeting the right person.

Some Recent Customer Feedback

Way, Way more value than the £22 I paid. Fabulous in oh so many ways.ScottLondon

I was extremely nervous and didn't really know what to expect, but I really really enjoyed just chatting with everyone, it was such a fun evening, Thank you! AlisonYork

Some of the venues we've used in Leeds

brooklynbar leedsfudge leedshenrys bar leeds

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