Fancy being a speed dating host ?

Slow Dating runs Speed Dating events on a regular basis in twenty five cities throughout the UK, comfortably more than any other company. It's not all about being the biggest though - we are all about being the best. As such, we are on the lookout for first rate friendly, outgoing, organised, motivated, fun, sociable people to join us.

Oxford speed dating hosts

“I’ve been hosting for many years as I enjoy it so much - I’m starting to feel like part of the furniture. I enjoy meeting new people and encouraging potential relationships. It’s also a nice escape from my full time techie IT job” Mark - Oxford Host

Nottingham speed dating hosts

“Giving up a couple of nights a month to help spread the love is a great opportunity. We get to meet some really nice people and make some new friends” Adam - Nottingham Host

Birmingham speed dating hosts

“Anil and I hadn’t met before hosting together and now we're the best of friends” Liann - Birmingham Host

It will be your main priority to ensure that all Slow Dating customers have a great time. You will make sure they have a fun, and hopefully successful night. You must therefore enjoy meeting new people, be an excellent communicator with the ability to think on your feet and be able to resolve any issue that may occur.

Southampton speed dating hosts

“I've been hosting events for almost 4 years now and enjoy playing my part in the bringing together of potential couples. Sometimes people arrive very nervous and have no idea on what they're going to say to so many "dates" then when speaking to them afterwards they are buzzing with excitement on how much of a great evening they've had! It's great to be a part of that!” Jacqui, Southampton host

Lock and key party hosts

“Having participated in slow dating myself (before I became a host), I know how daunting it can be on your first time and especially if you’re brave enough to come alone. It is great fun though and a brilliant way to meet new people so I like the opportunity to put people at ease. It’s always a bonus when you see genuine chemistry between daters and see everyone having a good time.” Ellie - Birmingham host

Bournemouth speed dating hosts

“Hosting is always fun, every event is a great night and bringing people together is a noble pursuit. It's the people who make the event and I am always impressed at the quality of the guys and girls who dress up nicely and are on their best behaviour, obviously as they want to make a good impression!” Ian - Bournemouth Host

Slow Dating events follow a set style and process which is detailed in our event organisers manual. We will support you in person at your first couple of events, provide you with full training, an easy to use web based admin system and we will do our best to make sure any event that you are involved in will be a huge success. We ask our hosts to make sure the evening runs successfully, and it is our job to make sure we provide our hosts with as much support as they need.

The hosting work is fun and will let you meet a wide variety of people. Events are typically held every three to four weeks in each city, yet you can be flexible in the number of evenings you host. With our extensive experience at running successful speeddating events, we will also ensure that your events are always sold out.

Leeds speed dating hosts


“I’ve worked in the Slow Dating office for several years and being in contact with our hosts on a daily basis is great. Nic and I have built up a friendly rapport with all our hosts and think of them as friends.” Jen - Events Organiser

Slow Dating crew

We currently have no hosting vacancies available but should you wish to register your interest for future positions please email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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