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Our Plymouth Host, Mike is getting married to his fiance Emily today!!! :D

We are so excited to share their story, as they met at one of our Speed Dating event's.

So you met your (now) wife at one of our Speed Dating events! When was this event?

Emily and I met at Plymouth’s Speed dating on 26th October 2016.

Did you know that she was the one you were going to marry when you met her?

Not right away, we met before the event at the bar through a mutual friend at the event and started to talk before we had to take our seats, this made the 4 minutes very easy as we could pick up the conversation where we had left off. It was a few dates into our new relationship before I started asking myself is it too soon to ask her to marry me and will she think I’m crazy!?

What was it about her in that 4 minutes that drew you in?

We had very similar backgrounds with work and similar hobbies that gave us some common interests. Emily loves to run 12 hour and sometimes 24-hour endurance events so naturally, I started to run them as well to spend more time with her.

Where are you guys getting married?

We are getting married in Cornwall, Trevenna Barns in St Neot, a lovely converted farm surrounded by rolling hills. I took Emily there on a viewing and her expression when we arrived said it all.

What would you say to any singles that are thinking about giving Speed Dating a try?

Don’t be put off by being nervous, everyone is there for the same reasons as we were… To find a connection with someone and fall in love. It took me three attempts at speed dating to meet Emily, Love isn’t like in the movies fallen head over heals for someone within 4 minutes. But four minutes is enough to get to know someone, to have an idea if you’d like the conversation to continue. Then all you need to do is say Yes.

Get to know the host's!

Eugene - Nottingham Speed Dating Host

Tell us about yourself!

I am a confident outgoing man from Nottingham who currently runs a lifestyle company and has previously played Professional football for Chesterfield FC!

What do you love most about hosting?

I love the eclectic mix of people from all over the world looking for love. The nights in which I host I feel like I'm watching and hoping all my friends find what they are looking for.

How would your best friend describe you?

talk-active, spontaneous, socialite and Loco!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I love Salsa and Bachata, I love all that Latin Vibe so either Dominica Republic or Brazil.

Although I wouldn't say No to Miami. Basically anywhere with Sun and music!

What’s the cheesiest chat up line that you’ve heard?

(Drops ice out his drink in front of girl, treads on it and says) "Now we've broken the ice can I get your number"

Disclaimer it wasnt Me! hahahah

When will we see you next!?

14th February :)

Get to know the host's!

Michelle - Oxford Speed Dating Host

Tell us about yourself!

By day I work in Publishing and by night I'm a speed dating host! I live in Oxford now but grew up Hawaii and love to travel whenever I can. I absolutely love horse riding, which I do most weekends and on a summer evening I be found paddle boarding on the rivers around Oxford.

What do you love most about hosting?

I love meeting the variety of people that come to our events. I'm happy when I can see are having a good night, or even better when they tell me so. Often people are a bit nervous at the beginning, especially if they have never been before. So it's great to see their confidence grow and that by the end of the night they have chatted to lots of people and leave the event feeling good and hopefully with some potential matches too!

My colleague at work recently told me that one of his flatmates met her boyfriend at one of the Oxford events and that was brilliant to hear.

How would your best friend describe you?

Fun hopefully! And up for new adventures. They would probably say that I'm always hungry too.

What makes you laugh?

My friends and old episodes of Frasier.

If you were given £1,000 tomorrow, what would you spend it on?

Probably a horse riding holiday somewhere warm.

When will we see you next!?

14th Feb - Valentines day! :D

The ultimate guide of what not to do on a first date!

First dates are hard. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether you’re at a speed dating event or having a coffee at your local café, it’s your big shot to impress someone – and for them to impress you. It’s natural for human beings to judge each other within the first few minutes. To help you with this, we’ve come up with a list of things NOT to do on your first date.

Don’t talk about yourself endlessly

It’s a common piece of advice but an important one. You don’t want your companion to think that you’re only interested in yourself. Demonstrate how eager you are to get to know them by asking about their hobbies, what they like to eat, where they like to travel and what they are looking for out of the date. Keep this light, no one wants to know that you’ve picked out the names of your dozen children but it’s okay to find out if they are looking for something more long-term or just a friendly relationship.

Don’t quiz them

It’s easy to fall into a trap of asking them lots of questions just so that you’re not always talking about yourself, but you don’t want to make it seem like you’re interrogating them. Make sure they get a chance to steer the conversation and to find out what they want to about you.

Don’t dismiss them because they’re not your type

If you’re preferred hair colour is brunette but you’re sitting opposite a redhead - don’t dismiss them! You may surprise yourself, the adventurous side of your date may sweep you off your feet! Take the time and get to know them, you may find they tick more of your boxes than you think.

Don’t talk about your ex

Now sometimes this may slip out if you are asked a question about your last holiday and that’s okay. What you don’t want to do is talk about them repetitively. Your date may feel that you’re still in love with your ex and that this date is a rebound for you.

Don’t talk about work

Your job may be super exciting and if it is, that’s great! Do talk about it, but your date would like to know more about your personality and interests. Tell them what you like to do in your spare time, where you are planning to travel or have travelled, and your favourite meals or types of food (for inspiration for future dates).

Don’t avoid eye contact

If you’re looking at anything but your date – or heaven forbid another person – you will seem like you aren’t interested. Where possible, hold eye contact with them to show your attention, and that you’re enjoying the conversations.

Don’t wear something uncomfortable

Depending on how it’s going, a date could last five minutes to several hours. If you’re going to be carrying your shoes around and undoing buttons just to feel comfortable, it’s probably not the right outfit. That doesn’t mean you should wear your joggers but just consider that you may not be at your best if you are feeling uncomfortable. Put on something smart that you won’t mind being in for a few hours. Layers are also fantastic, as you can put more on if you get cold and take some off if you feel like you’re starting to melt.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

The UK is filled with singles, so if you haven’t met the one – don’t worry! Maybe you will make a new friend or find out what you could do to make things go better on another date. Don’t look at it as your last chance, instead know that there are other opportunities out there if it doesn’t go well.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

One or two may relax you, and that’s great, but most people aren’t at their best when they’re drunk! Know your limits and show them your great personality, sober.

Don’t try to be someone else

You should always try to ‘put your best foot forward’, as teachers like to say, but make sure that you are still true to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being open to new experiences, but don’t agree that you love 10-mile hikes at 6am if you don’t surface before lunch on a Sunday. They will soon find out that you weren’t telling them the truth and it’s better to start as you mean to go on – honestly!

Don’t talk about religion or politics

It may be that you only want to marry someone of a certain religion, so it may make sense to mention what faith you follow but generally these subjects can be contentious, and it would be better not to start a debate with your date so soon. Eventually, you will probably move onto these subjects but not necessarily on the first date.

Don’t have your phone on the table

Most people are rather attached to their phones. Try not to put your phone on the table, it will be too tempting to look at it. You don’t want your date to think that they’re boring or unappealing and that the recent post on LadBible is more important!

Don’t eat anything sticky or stinky and keep smoking to a minimum

If it’s sticky, you can’t shake hands or hug later, and as for the smell, sitting opposite someone that smells of garlic could be a little off-putting. Likewise, there’s no point in wearing expensive perfume or aftershave if you are going to cover it up with eau de ashtray.

Don’t go on about your kids but don’t forget to mention them

It’s a fine line to tread but finding out that you have kids a month in may be a little bit overwhelming for your date so make sure that you mention them and maybe their names and ages. If your date shows a genuine interest in them and asks loads of questions, answer a few of them but turn the conversation back to your date to find out more about them.

If you need more tips for what to do or what not to do on a first date, get in touch or sign up for one of our singles’ nights or speed dating events.

The best places for a second date in Manchester...

The best places for a second date in Manchester, continued...

Go skiing

Nowadays, you don’t have to go on a long trip to find some snow for your skiing or snowboarding session. Skiing facilities like 'Chill Factore' offer a great bit of fun that could be a good date idea, especially when you get a nice warm drink afterwards. It may even make you start thinking that you’d like to take up skiing together in preparation for a future trip but if your thoughts are heading that way just don’t tell them yet! It might be cute when you tell them on your skiing trip two years later that you were thinking they could be the one but two dates in might seem a little too intense for most people.

Release some of your nerves

Going on a second date can be nerve-wracking so why not get rid of some of that nervous energy with a trip to Whistle Punks, where you can throw an axe at a target to see who is the greatest thrower and maybe get the chance to impress your date or get the chance to be impressed by their astounding skills!

Have a coffee with a twist

Drinking coffee or perhaps a nice tea or hot chocolate is a relaxing way to continue your conversations from your first date and see how well you will get on. The coffee could be served almost anywhere these days but why not try one with a twist, like the Cat café or Cocoa Cabana.

Explore the Northern Quarter

There are loads of amazing places to visit in this area if you are interested in food so take a trip there and exchange stories of your favourite places and discover some new ones.

Take in the sights with a stroll down the canal

If you’re into scenic walks, this could be the one for you and your date. Take a leisurely stroll – dare we say hand in hand? – and you can then always warm yourselves up with a drink from a local coffee shop or even have lunch by the canal.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for a magical second date but if you need any more advice or need help getting that first date, get in touch with us today.

The best places for a second date in Manchester...

The best places for a second date in Manchester, continued...

Crazy golf and arcades

An arcade offers you opportunities to work together to achieve your goals, whether that is taking out all of your enemies in a shooter game or winning stuffed animals, as well as offering the opportunity to go head to head to see who is the best at other games like air hockey, races or who can win the most copper in the 2p machines. Golf can be another one to get the competitive juices flowing and crazy golf allows to you to avoid taking it too seriously or getting upset if you lose.

Check out 17 Below and Junkyard Golf Clubs.

Escape room

A great way to find out how well you can work together is by trying an escape room. You can then see if your skills complement each other’s and how your date works under pressure, which can be a great indicator for later on in the relationship. Only do this if you are feeling completely comfortable with your date and you can always leave if you feel you have to. The staff will be watching the room so it is safe.

One to try is Breakout Manchester, though escape rooms are generally cheaper with more people so you can always save this for a later one when you are ready for them to meet your friends (or maybe for a second meet up with them, just in case they don’t get on).


Going back to a competitive activity rather than a co-operative one, bowling can be a fun way to engage in a little light competition, while getting to have a chat and some food. Dog Bowl has some amazing facilities so check them out when you are booking your second date.

Have a few cocktails

Heavy drinking isn’t a good idea on a date, but cocktails and some food can be a great way to keep getting to know someone on the second date. One new place that is becoming very popular for its offerings is Impossible so this could be the place to keep the magic flowing or take a trip to the highest building in Manchester for some cocktails at Cloud 23.

Go to a bar with a difference

You might look a little crazy at first leading your date to a laundrette for your second date but hopefully they will be pleasantly surprised to discover the bar behind, known as The Washouse.

More Manchester dates coming soon...

The best places for a second date in Manchester...

You’ve both passed the first test. There was something about you that made them want to see you again and you are definitely interested in them. That’s all great. Now onto the second date, but where do you want to go? Manchester has a lot of great options, catering to a wide range of interests so as long as you were paying attention on the first date and you have some common interests, you’ll find something to do. Here are some of our top picks…

Outdoor Cinema

Unlike a “normal” cinema, you can take your own snacks in normally and it’s not such a big deal if you want to chat a little (quietly), which means you can keep getting to know each other. Heaton Park and Tatton Park have a few showings on so check these out to find a film that you and your date will love and if it all gets too scary, you can always hold your date’s hand..

Board game cafés

Board games are so diverse these days that you can work together or against each other and be in so many different scenarios. The world of board games has come a long way since the Monopoly days so you’re sure to find a game you will love. Don’t forget to be a gracious winner or loser though, you don’t want them to realise they will never be able to play a game with you again.

Check out Ziferblat, Nexus Art Café and Home for inspiration.

Trampoline Centres

Having a bounce around is a great way to release those endorphins and show your fun side. Just bear in mind that you will want something practical and to slap on a little extra deodorant. It is, however, a great excuse to go for a nice meal afterwards to replace that energy.

Manchester has a few options for trampolining, including Flip Out, Go Air Trampoline Park and Jump Ninja Trampoline Park.

Picnic in a Manchester Park

It’s a classic for a good reason. It’s relaxed, you can have a nice chat, the two of you could prepare some food to show each other some of your favourite dishes and maybe even go for a nice walk afterwards. If you’re really full, consider laying back and looking for patterns and shapes in the clouds first…

Great places to try are Alexandra Park, Heaton Park and Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens.

Art Galleries and Museums

When you were discussing your interests on your first date, if one of you mentioned an interest in a certain period of history or artist, see if there are any displays in the area that you could visit. This will give you a great chance to talk about your interests, show your passions and have a nice walk – you might even learn something new!

If you’re short on ideas, check out Manchester Museum, Science and Industry Museum, Generation Gallery, John Ryland’s Library, The Whitworth and Lyme.

More Manchester dates coming soon...

Get to know the host's!

AJ - Glasgow Speed Dating Host

Tell us about yourself!

My name is AJ and I've been hosting slow dating events in my spare time for a couple of years.

I live in Glasgow with my dog and when I am not working in my day job (or ringing my bell every four minutes), you will find me socialising with friends, volunteering as a befriender or cheering on my fave football team!

What do you love most about hosting?

I love meeting all the fabulous single ladies that are out there! And I get a thrill when I see two people hitting it off - I feel like a modern day Cilla Black!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Outgoing, outspoken and kind.

What makes you smile?

Flowers, and my fave football team winning!

Who’s your celebrity crush?

James Norton!

When will we see you next?!

30th January!

Your Dating New Year’s Resolutions 2019!

Say Yes to dating!

We’re all guilty of this; has your best friend messaged you to go for a drink but you’re already in your comfies? Somehow sitting in front of the TV in the warm seems more appealing than a spontaneous trip out.

But this year… say YES!

Put yourself in situations where you’re likely to meet someone – sitting at home watching your usual favourite shows, sadly isn’t going to do that.

So say yes to your friend! You never know what may happen…

Chat to that person in the bar

Now this seems obvious, but so many of us are too shy to go and talk to someone they fancy in the bar! Take a deep breath and introduce yourself – if they’re single, they will love your confidence.

More Dating New Year’s Resolutions 2019…

Give your date a second chance

First dates are nerve-wracking, so first dates can be awkward. If you don’t feel that initial spark straight away, don’t always write them off. If you find them attractive, organise a second date.

Nerves shouldn’t be such an issue now, and you will be able to get to know that person better.


Fake it till you make it! Have some confidence or at least pretend you do!

You are AMAZING and believe it! Everyone is different, and people look for certain things in their perfect partner. If you believe in yourself, your confidence will shine through and this will get you dates. Confidence is attractive in a person!

Don’t take dating too seriously

This one’s simple – enjoy dating! It can be fun, but also tough going if you think too much into the dates that haven’t developed into anything serious.

Dating can take time, so have fun getting to know different people. Even if you don’t find your perfect partner, I’m sure you will find many new friends along the way!

Follow these tips, and 2019 will be your year!

Christmas First Date Ideas!

Christmas Markets

…every big city has one! Birmingham, Manchester and London markets are especially great, but even our local Christmas market in Southampton has something special to offer. Going for a stroll around the markets looking at different stalls can spark conversation. Get to know your date with a true festive feel; (for the drinkers), grab yourself a stein of beer, or (for the tea-total-ers)- a hot chocolate!

Ladies, pop on your favourite bobble hat and lipstick, and gents – the cold weather is the perfect excuse to warm up your date! It’s a win-win!

Attend a Christmas play at your local theatre

Are you one for serious first date nerves? Going to the cinema or going to see a play at Christmas could be just the first date for you. While seeing the show, (and some talk during the interval) you will be able to suss out whether there is potential! Fancy your date? Going better than expected? Then extend the date and offer to buy them a drink at a nearby pub or bar!

For you Birmingham singles, you can see Elf live on 22nd December! For more information, please click here:

Country Walks

Along most country walks, there is normally a country pub? Am I right? Now that is a great exercise initiative but going on a stroll with your date and taking in the British country air is sure to get your endorphins flowing! Try grabbing your date’s hand if sparks are flying to take the date to the next level!


So dinner and drinks is your typical date night, but it’s a good one! For a first date, stick to drinks – so you’re not committing yourself to a 3-course meal (in case your date isn’t completely your cup of tea). Slow Dating’s favourite venue and bar is Be At One; they’re a super stylish and contemporary bar chain with an extensive cocktail list! ‘Santa’s Old Fashioned, Melty Snowman and Chocolate Orange Punch’ are just some of the festive cocktails that you can try together. There are many bars up and down the country, so there’s sure to be one local to you.

Try something adventurous

Now the UK doesn’t have masses of snow over the winter, so if you’re the adventurous type and want to get at least an hour of (some-sort-of) snow, then give Tobogganing a try! You will be sitting in mini sleds and sliding down hills, who says adults can’t let their hair down and try something random? This would be a great first date and the suggestion alone would show a lot about your daring personality!

Congratulations to Nick and Kateryna!

Nick and I would like to thank you for the Speed Dating event we attended. We are very different in many ways and the circles of people that we are in are also very different. If not for Speed Dating, we probably would not meet.

Since that day a lot happened in our lives. First of all we fell in love and decided, despite out differences, to give this relationship a go and let it progress naturally. After sometime we realized that we had much more in common than we thought at the start. Many events and interesting situations have happened on the way.

Long story short, a year after, on 22nd of August 2018, we got married! We cannot imagine our lives without each other.

We are very grateful for the opportunity that you provide to single people. Thank you so much!!!

Nick and Kateryna

How to get the most out of Speed Dating

It’s not unusual for professionals living a hectic lifestyle to be missing the opportunities to meet someone. Even when you do find time for a night out, we know the local’s on the booze just isn’t your cup of tea!Or are you just tired of being set up on long winded pointless dates with your friend’s colleagues? Your frustration is completely normal, wanting to give up on finding love as all is just all too familiar. Give up the awkward dates and pointless nights out, and take a seat at Speed Dating in London. Speed Dating gives you the opportunity to date 10+ people in a safe and controlled environment. The friendly hosts will show you to your tables, and you will date each person for 4 minutes, allowing you to leave your date with a little teaser – why wouldn’t you want to leave them wanting more? The matching process will be accessed the following morning. So how do you think you could get the most out of your next Speed Dating London event? Our London experts have some great tips to get your confidence oozing at your next Speed Dating occasion.

Dress to impress

First impressions count! Dress as you would for a normal date whether that be out for dinner of a drink. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to impress 10+ people! Wear something flattering that will show off your personality, while being classy too. Many of our venues are smart and elegant, so clothe yourself in line with the venues ambiance.

Ladies don’t be afraid to whip out your best heels, and men dress smart! All ladies love a sharp looking gentleman.


No-one likes dating someone that acts like they don’t want to be there! Show off your positive and look excited to be there… this will go a long way for your date. After a couple of drinks, you will feel relaxed and this will all come naturally, we’re sure of it!

Remember to have fun

Speed Dating in London is a great opportunity to meet people so try and stay relaxed. Don't come to the venue thinking that you will find the love of your life. Instead, you should come with a positive mind set, but one that wants to meet a variety of people – new friendships included!

So, book now onto one of our upcoming speed dating events!

Become A Host

If you enjoy meeting new people, why not consider joining us as a Slow Dating host. It's fun, well paid and you will get to interact with many different single people.

We have openings in Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Leicester, Manchester, Norwich, Oxford, Reading and Nottingham. Simply email us if you're interested -

Just Married

We love a love story! If you and your partner found someone and married following a speed dating event please let us know -

All you have to do is send us a picture of you on your big day, just like the new Mr and Mrs Miller from Southampton did.

To see more of our Success Stories please click here!

Lovely Venues

We only source first class venues in the cities across the country that we run events in.

Recent new bars for us include Seco Lounge and Zebrano in London, Coal Bar in Exeter, Walrus in Manchester, Fat Cat Cafe Bar in Oxford and The Slug and Lettuce in Birmingham.

To see more of our venues please click here!

Seasons Greetings

It's not long until Christmas now, and here's a little something from us to thank you for your support during the year.

It's a fun little video to wish you Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy it.

The Ideal Present

Want to help one of your friends find a new partner?

In which case, why not buy a Slow Dating gift voucher, valid for any of our events.

Your friend is naturally able to choose the future date, place, time and age range that suits them.

Multiple Payment Choices

Just a reminder that we accept all major credit cards, and of course you can also pay by PayPal if it is more convenient for you.

Whichever method you prefer to use, there is no surcharge nonsense with us.

Let's Go Blogging

To keep everyone up to date, we have decided to start blogging, and will be regularly writing in more detail than we can in our monthly email newsletter.

If you are a blogger yourself, you'll be pleased to know we welcome guest blog posts too.

Check out our first blog post.

Summer Of Love?

We run more speed dating events in more cities than any other speed dating company in the UK.

With events in all age ranges now listed on the web site for June, July and August; could this be a summer of love for you Jenny?

Check availability for this summer's events.

Award Winners

We have once again won the UK Speed Dating Company of the Year award by the International Dating Society.

The judges stated that our customer service was excellent, and that they loved our TV ad campaign.

Thanks guys.

All for Charity

Each year, we donate a percentage of our annual profits to the Against Breast Cancer charity to support them, albeit in a small way, continue their valued work and here we are presenting our latest cheque.

As it's breast cancer awareness month, consider clicking on the image if you want to do your bit too.

No Phone Booking Surcharge

While some speed dating companies charge you up to £2 a person for telephone bookings, we choose not to.

Although the vast majority of our bookings are made online, there are no booking fees or surcharges if you prefer to book over the phone with us.

Learn How to Flirt

Learn the secrets of how to be successful flirting with men by watching this short video packed full of expert tips and techniques. It's truly easy when you know how!

Learn How To Flirt Now

As Seen On TV

Our TV ad has been running for a month now, and has already been seen by nearly five million people, and is without doubt the best speed dating advertisement ever to be shown on TV!

If you've not seen it yet, click on the image to do so.

Smarter Responsive

We have updated and adapted our site to display even better on your mobile phone.

Every page on the site, and every email we send you (like this one) is specifically formatted to look great on your smart phone.

Naturally, we are the only UK speed dating company that does this.

Lock & Key Party Video

We have made a video of one of our Lock and Key parties to give you taste of what goes on at one. As you will see the locks and keys are great ice-breakers.

This was filmed at a 40s and 50s age range party, one of the many age ranges we run lock and key parties for.

The Waiting List Safety Net

As you know, Slow Dating events sell out quickly - but don't forget we offer you the safety net of being able to join a "waiting list" for all our sold out events.

We are the only UK speed dating company to do this, thus enabling us to get in touch with you if there are any last minute cancellations.

Valentines Successes

We ran 21 Valentine's specials up and down the country this year - with over 800 people enjoying a series of one-to-one romantic slow dates.

With loads more events on the horizon coming up near you {0}, why not check to see if Cupid is waiting in the wings for you.

More Weddings...

Here is a picture of the new Mr and Mrs Sperrink on their wedding day.


To see more of our Success Stories please click here!

The Boat That Rocked...

Our sixth annual Love Boat party cruising down the Thames was, as usual, very enjoyable.

Well over 200 singles enjoyed a warm summer evening and had plenty of fun trying to get their locks and keys to match.

After the sun had set, the onboard party DJ got most onboard to really rock the boat too.

It's just a few weeks till our TENTH birthday bash.

Join up to 200 fun loving singles at our royal celebration, and enjoy a glass of champagne on arrival as you are greeted on the red carpet by her Royal Highness The Queen's lookalikeness, and then tuck into a free hog roast, and groove to the sounds of a top DJ as you party away long into the night.

Now accepting PayPal

We're pleased to announce that we now accept PayPal as a payment method on our website.

You can still use your credit card if you wish, but we know many people have PayPal accounts and like the anonymity they offer in the purchasing process.

Like us on Facebook

As you know, Facebook is the grand daddy of social media and it is the only place where we offer discounts on our events. You can join nearly 500 others who have "liked" us on Facebook to receive our event updates and discount codes.

All you have to do is like us on Facebook.

Speed Dating FAQs On Video

We have made several videos, one of which is called Speed Dating FAQs, which will hopefully answer all the questions you may have about Speed Dating.

Twenty questions answered in just four minutes - now where did we get that idea?

Award Winners

For a staggering SEVENTH year in a row, we have been honoured to be presented with the UK Speed Dating Company of the Year award by the esteemed International Dating Society.

In the 2012 awards speech, they stated that they loved our new web site, and that its advanced functionality was simply the best!

Latest Wedding

Here is a picture of the new Mr and Mrs Mansfield on their wedding day.


To see more of our Success Stories please click here!

The Final Countdown

As you know, our events sell out quickly. Our web site is the only one in the UK that shows instantly updated availability information for all of our events.

This feature lets you know exactly how many places are left at any one time and you can watch the count down of the last ten male and female places as and when people book - on the way to another sold out event.

New 40 Plus Online Dating Site

We have launched a new online dating site specifically for those aged 40 and over. This site provides fortysomethings with detailed profiles of suitable partners and has a very sophisticated who's near me? feature, full messaging capabilities and a very advanced auto matching system.

New Mobile Site

Out and about? No problem as you can access our fully featured mobile site with your smart phone from wherever you happen to be.

Our updated mobile site enables you to check availability and book for events, upload a photo, enter your ticks, check your matches and even send virtual gifts direct from your phone.

New Interface

Having received plenty of positive feedback about our fresh new website, we have moved onto improving the post-event interface for everyone.

It is now even easier to enter ticks, see who has ticked you, who has yet to tick, add more ticks, send virtual gifts and most importantly see details of the people you match with.

New Website

June 2012 and our new website is live. It has a fresh design, but its beauty is more than skin deep.

The new website offers many enhancements including bright new images, enhanced venues listings and improved navigation making it easy to find what you're looking for.

Wedding Bells

We get plenty of emails from people who have found love by coming to one of our events.

In just one week, we have heard from three excitable women telling us that they have received marriage proposals from someone they met at a Slow Dating evening.

The UK's favourite Speed Dating company

It's official - we run more speed dating events in more cities than any other speed dating company in the UK.

We are thus able to offer you more choices and more matches than any other speed dating company.

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We discovered twitter a long time ago and have been twittering away since early 2010.

We twitter daily about life here at Slow Dating HQ and provide quirky updates on our matchmaking lives.

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Twenties Only Evenings

Over the next twenty days or so we will once again be running our popular twentysomethings events - twenty events exclusively for those in their twenties to enjoy dates with other twenty somethings.

There is a choice of twenty events in twenty cities!

Four Minutes Is All It Takes

Our techies have done some number crunching and have worked out that there were a staggering 19,980 matches as a result of Slow Dating events held throughout the UK in 2011.

No surprises that this has led to many successful relationships, and some eleven marriages last year; well eleven that we know about anyway!

Video Goodies

We have a wide range of videos on the site, to help you get the most out of your experience with us.

Subjects include what happens at an evening, good questions to ask, what not to ask and so on. You are bound to pick up some useful information.

Bristol Launch

November 2011, and we have recently run our first event in Bristol - the twenty sixth UK city where you can enjoy our brand of quality speed dating.

Following the launch we will now be running regular events for all age ranges to help Bristolians find new partners.

Award Winners

For a completely staggering SIXTH year in a row, we have been honoured to be presented with the "UK Speed Dating Company of the Year" award by the International Dating Society.

Ah, we're blushing.

Pull A Cracker

A quick reminder that we run events in more cities than any other speed dating company in Europe.

It thus follows that we are able to offer you more choice and more matches than anyone else.

Christmas is as good a time as any to go Slow Dating and pull yourself a cracker.

Smart Phone, Smart Site

Just a reminder that you can access our web site via your mobile.

Our fully featured mobile site enables you to check availability and book for events, upload a photo, enter your ticks, check your matches and even send virtual gifts direct from your phone.

More Accurate Than SatNav

In conjunction with Google Maps, our new enhanced mapping service helps you find your way to your chosen evening easily.

As well as enabling you to zoom in and out and move around the local area map, you will be able to see the nearest bus stops and car parks.

Award Winners (again)

Towards the end of 2009, we have once again been awarded "UK Speed Dating company of the year" by the acclaimed International Dating Society.

They stated our unique matching system is the best there is - and the best by some distance!

We are blushing.

Doing our bit for charity

Every year, a percentage of our annual profits goes to a breast cancer charity to support them, albeit in a small way, continue their valued work.

Here we are presenting our latest cheque, to one of the charity's trustees - Simon Cowell's Mum - Julia.

Speed Dating FAQs Video

The latest video we have made will hopefully answer all the questions you may have, and some you may not have, about Speed Dating.

Twenty questions answered in just four minutes - now where did we get that idea?

Love on the Boat - Video

We thought you'd like to see how a Lock and Key Party actually works, so here is a video we made at our party on the Love Boat during our party cruise down the Thames this summer.

Picture Perfect

We now include thumbnail pictures of everyone you match with in our instant match emails letting you literally get to see details of all the people you have matched with.

Naturally, we are the only UK Speed Dating company that offers this feature.

Speed Dating Tips Video #2

We have released another video in our series of Speed Dating tips - all planned to help make you successful in finding the right person.

Click on the image and check out our tongue in cheek guide on what NOT to say at a Slow Dating evening.

Speed Dating Tips Video

We have been busy making a whole series of videos to help you be successful at Speed Dating, and to find that long term partner.

Click on the image to have a look at the first video we have released and pick up some tips on "Good Speed Dating Questions".

Summer Wedding

Many emails have been received recently from happy, Slow Dating introduced, couples who have tied the knot.

Here's just one example of a couple on their big day - this is the new Mrs Dixon being swept off her feet in Jamaica by her new husband.

Over £5,000 now raised

Each year, a percentage of our annual profits goes to a breast cancer charity to support them continue their important research work.

Our donation cheque for 2008 takes our total contributions to over £5,000.

Successful Speed Dating

Our techies have done some number crunching and have worked out that there were an incredible 43,516 matches as a result of Slow Dating events held throughout the UK.

No surprises that this has led to many relationships, and some nine marriages last year; well nine that we know about anyway!

Europe's Favourite

It's official - we now run events in more cities than any other speed dating company in Europe.

We are thus able to offer you more choice and more matches than any other speed dating company in Europe!

Heart Warming

All of our Valentine's Day Specials were incredibly successful with a staggering 87% of people getting at least one match.

With our enhanced matching engine, daters can contact their admirers immediately by email, phone or text.

Four minutes is all it takes

Our techies did some number crunching and worked out that there were a staggering 37,456 matches as a result of Slow Dating events held throughout the UK.

No surprises that this has led to many relationships, and some seven marriages that we know about.

No email - no worries

Anyone without email can easily join in the fun Slow Dating.

All they need is a mobile, and our FREE SMS text alerting service will automatically send details of matches direct to their mobile the instant any admirers match with them.

Award Winners

We have been awarded "UK Speed Dating company of the year - 2006" by the acclaimed International Dating Society.

They stated our emphasis on quality, our friendly hosts, our customer service and our unique matching system makes us the best speed dating company in the UK.

Thanks Guys.

For a good cause

A generous percentage of our annual profits goes to three breast cancer charities to support them, albeit in a small way, continue their valued and specialised work.

Here we are presenting our latest cheque. Click on the image if you want to do your bit too.

Invite a friend

Our latest web site enhancement gives you the ability to easily forward on details of a Slow Dating event that interests you to a friend of yours.

Naturally the message to your friend contains a link to enable you both to easily book onto your chosen evening.

Never get lost again

Our enhanced mapping service lets you find your way to the venue easily.

As well as enabling you to zoom in and out and move around the map; with our special print function, you will only print the map details - there will be no annoying adverts on our print-outs.

Learn all about "Dating Confidence"

Respected dating expert, and our popular Manchester host, Tony Wrighton, has just released a unique dating tips CD - "Dating Confidence in 30 minutes".

It's an easy listen and full of top tips - and available for fast download in various formats from Tony's Science of Dating web site.

For a Good Cause

Some of our annual profits goes to breast cancer charities to help them in their valued and specialised work.

Here's our MD Carl presenting our latest cheque.

London Lives

Continuing our expansion, we are delighted to announce that, thanks to popular demand, we are now running more events than ever before in the Capital.

Yet more proof that Slow Dating works!

Instant matches by SMS text alert

You can now receive details of your matches direct to your mobile the instant your admirers match with you.

Our SMS text alerting service is a free service to you and is an easily selectable option in your preference settings.

We are the first Speed Dating company in the world to offer this SMS text alert service!

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