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Get to know the hosts!

Get to know the hosts!

Aimee - Bristol Speed Dating Host

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Aimée, mummy to 2 crazy miniature humans, a foodie, prosecco lover and I’m enjoying living my life to the full in the fast lane! I’m also the host of the Bristol speed dating events.

What do you love most about hosting?

It’s like a night out! I get to spend my eve in a welcoming venue full of a variety of different people, it’s much better than just spending an eve in the pub as the conversation is flowing all night!

What was your best weekend so far this year?

The first weekend in Jan.... the day everybody went back to work after new year I flew to Lanzarote. I spent my weekend in a bikini in 22° sunshine!

What colour best describes your personality?

Yellow.... bright and cheerful 😁

What makes you laugh?

Karma?! Can I say that?! Ok, perhaps not! I’d have to say my little 3 year old Fred, he’s got a new found ‘toilet humour’ and has me in stitches!!

When will we see you next!?

27th March at Totos wine Bar, Bristol!

If you’re someone looking for these events and you’re further north than Bristol, we offer other locations for speed dating events in Manchester and Nottingham.

For Speed Dating Email havefun@slowdating.com
or call us on: 0871 224 2828

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