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How to get the most out of Speed Dating

It’s not unusual for professionals living a hectic lifestyle to be missing the opportunities to meet someone. Even when you do find time for a night out, we know the local’s on the booze just isn’t your cup of tea!Or are you just tired of being set up on long winded pointless dates with your friend’s colleagues? Your frustration is completely normal, wanting to give up on finding love as all is just all too familiar. Give up the awkward dates and pointless nights out, and take a seat at Speed Dating in London. Speed Dating gives you the opportunity to date 10+ people in a safe and controlled environment. The friendly hosts will show you to your tables, and you will date each person for 4 minutes, allowing you to leave your date with a little teaser – why wouldn’t you want to leave them wanting more? The matching process will be accessed the following morning. So how do you think you could get the most out of your next Speed Dating London event? Our London experts have some great tips to get your confidence oozing at your next Speed Dating occasion.

Dress to impress

First impressions count! Dress as you would for a normal date whether that be out for dinner of a drink. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to impress 10+ people! Wear something flattering that will show off your personality, while being classy too. Many of our venues are smart and elegant, so clothe yourself in line with the venues ambiance.

Ladies don’t be afraid to whip out your best heels, and men dress smart! All ladies love a sharp looking gentleman.


No-one likes dating someone that acts like they don’t want to be there! Show off your positive and look excited to be there… this will go a long way for your date. After a couple of drinks, you will feel relaxed and this will all come naturally, we’re sure of it!

Remember to have fun

Speed Dating in London is a great opportunity to meet people so try and stay relaxed. Don’t come to the venue thinking that you will find the love of your life. Instead, you should come with a positive mind set, but one that wants to meet a variety of people – new friendships included!

So, book now onto one of our upcoming speed dating events!

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