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The best places for a second date in Manchester…

You’ve both passed the first test. There was something about you that made them want to see you again and you are definitely interested in them. That’s all great. Now onto the second date, but where do you want to go? Manchester has a lot of great options, catering to a wide range of interests so as long as you were paying attention on the first date and you have some common interests, you’ll find something to do. Here are some of our top picks…

Outdoor Cinema

Unlike a “normal” cinema, you can take your own snacks in normally and it’s not such a big deal if you want to chat a little (quietly), which means you can keep getting to know each other. Heaton Park and Tatton Park have a few showings on so check these out to find a film that you and your date will love and if it all gets too scary, you can always hold your date’s hand..

Board game cafés

Board games are so diverse these days that you can work together or against each other and be in so many different scenarios. The world of board games has come a long way since the Monopoly days so you’re sure to find a game you will love. Don’t forget to be a gracious winner or loser though, you don’t want them to realise they will never be able to play a game with you again.

Check out Ziferblat, Nexus Art Café and Home for inspiration.

Trampoline Centres

Having a bounce around is a great way to release those endorphins and show your fun side. Just bear in mind that you will want something practical and to slap on a little extra deodorant. It is, however, a great excuse to go for a nice meal afterwards to replace that energy.

Manchester has a few options for trampolining, including Flip Out, Go Air Trampoline Park and Jump Ninja Trampoline Park.

Picnic in a Manchester Park

It’s a classic for a good reason. It’s relaxed, you can have a nice chat, the two of you could prepare some food to show each other some of your favourite dishes and maybe even go for a nice walk afterwards. If you’re really full, consider laying back and looking for patterns and shapes in the clouds first…

Great places to try are Alexandra Park, Heaton Park and Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens.

Art Galleries and Museums

When you were discussing your interests on your first date, if one of you mentioned an interest in a certain period of history or artist, see if there are any displays in the area that you could visit. This will give you a great chance to talk about your interests, show your passions and have a nice walk – you might even learn something new!

If you’re short on ideas, check out Manchester Museum, Science and Industry Museum, Generation Gallery, John Ryland’s Library, The Whitworth and Lyme.

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