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The best places for a second date in Manchester…

The best places for a second date in Manchester. Speed dating in Manchester continued…

Crazy golf and arcades

An arcade offers you opportunities to work together to achieve your goals, whether that is taking out all of your enemies in a shooter game or winning stuffed animals, as well as offering the opportunity to go head to head to see who is the best at other games like air hockey, races or who can win the most copper in the 2p machines. Golf can be another one to get the competitive juices flowing and crazy golf allows to you to avoid taking it too seriously or getting upset if you lose.

Check out 17 Below and Junkyard Golf Clubs.

Escape room

A great way to find out how well you can work together is by trying an escape room. You can then see if your skills complement each other’s and how your date works under pressure, which can be a great indicator for later on in the relationship. Only do this if you are feeling completely comfortable with your date and you can always leave if you feel you have to. The staff will be watching the room so it is safe.

One to try is Breakout Manchester, though escape rooms are generally cheaper with more people so you can always save this for a later one when you are ready for them to meet your friends (or maybe for a second meet up with them, just in case they don’t get on).


Going back to a competitive activity rather than a co-operative one, bowling can be a fun way to engage in a little light competition, while getting to have a chat and some food. Dog Bowl has some amazing facilities so check them out when you are booking your second date.

Have a few cocktails

Heavy drinking isn’t a good idea on a date, but cocktails and some food can be a great way to keep getting to know someone on the second date. One new place that is becoming very popular for its offerings is Impossible so this could be the place to keep the magic flowing or take a trip to the highest building in Manchester for some cocktails at Cloud 23.

Go to a bar with a difference

You might look a little crazy at first leading your date to a laundrette for your second date but hopefully they will be pleasantly surprised to discover the bar behind, known as The Washouse.

More Manchester dates coming soon…

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