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The best places for a second date in Manchester…

The best places for a second date in Manchester. Speed dating in Manchester continued…

Go skiing

Nowadays, you don’t have to go on a long trip to find some snow for your skiing or snowboarding session. Skiing facilities like ‘Chill Factore’ offer a great bit of fun that could be a good date idea, especially when you get a nice warm drink afterwards. It may even make you start thinking that you’d like to take up skiing together in preparation for a future trip but if your thoughts are heading that way just don’t tell them yet! It might be cute when you tell them on your skiing trip two years later that you were thinking they could be the one but two dates in might seem a little too intense for most people.

Release some of your nerves

Going on a second date can be nerve-wracking so why not get rid of some of that nervous energy with a trip to Whistle Punks, where you can throw an axe at a target to see who is the greatest thrower and maybe get the chance to impress your date or get the chance to be impressed by their astounding skills!

Have a coffee with a twist

Drinking coffee or perhaps a nice tea or hot chocolate is a relaxing way to continue your conversations from your first date and see how well you will get on. The coffee could be served almost anywhere these days but why not try one with a twist, like the Cat café or Cocoa Cabana.

Explore the Northern Quarter

There are loads of amazing places to visit in this area if you are interested in food so take a trip there and exchange stories of your favourite places and discover some new ones.

Take in the sights with a stroll down the canal

If you’re into scenic walks, this could be the one for you and your date. Take a leisurely stroll – dare we say hand in hand? – and you can then always warm yourselves up with a drink from a local coffee shop or even have lunch by the canal.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for a magical second date but if you need any more advice or need help getting that first date, get in touch with us today.

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