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Your Dating New Year’s Resolutions 2019!

Say Yes to dating!

We’re all guilty of this; has your best friend messaged you to go for a drink but you’re already in your comfies? Somehow sitting in front of the TV in the warm seems more appealing than a spontaneous trip out.

But this year… say YES!

Put yourself in situations where you’re likely to meet someone – sitting at home watching your usual favourite shows, sadly isn’t going to do that.

So say yes to your friend! You never know what may happen…

Chat to that person in the bar

Now this seems obvious, but so many of us are too shy to go and talk to someone they fancy in the bar! Take a deep breath and introduce yourself – if they’re single, they will love your confidence.

More Dating New Year’s Resolutions 2019…

Give your date a second chance

First dates are nerve-wracking, so first dates can be awkward. If you don’t feel that initial spark straight away, don’t always write them off. If you find them attractive, organise a second date.

Nerves shouldn’t be such an issue now, and you will be able to get to know that person better.


Fake it till you make it! Have some confidence or at least pretend you do!

You are AMAZING and believe it! Everyone is different, and people look for certain things in their perfect partner. If you believe in yourself, your confidence will shine through and this will get you dates. Confidence is attractive in a person!

Don’t take dating too seriously

This one’s simple – enjoy dating! It can be fun, but also tough going if you think too much into the dates that haven’t developed into anything serious.

Dating can take time, so have fun getting to know different people. Even if you don’t find your perfect partner, I’m sure you will find many new friends along the way!

Follow these tips, and 2019 will be your year!

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