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Use your mobile instead of email

Our system is unique in that having an email address is not essential to attend one of our events. We are able to send you your matches as an SMS text message direct to your mobile - at no extra charge to you. So, if you don't have an email address or if you don't want to use your work email, then using your mobile means you can join in the fun too.

SMS speed dating
You can join in the fun with your mobile

The way it works is as follows:- You book by phone and we will allocate you a place on the Slow Dating event of your choice; and we will send you booking confirmation by SMS. You attend and hopefully enjoy the event. After you have attended the event, simply ring us and tell us who you would like to tick and we will enter your ticks for you. When people that you have ticked also tick you, our sophisticated system will automatically send you a text message to inform you details of your matches. There is no extra charge for this - we cover the costs of the SMS messages we send to you.

Our system works whether you have an email address or a mobile phone (or of course both) - however having an email address means that you can check your full results online at any time. It also means you can book for a future event at any time, entering your choices after an event, have the fun of checking who your admirers are, seeing who has ticked you, and receiving immediate emails from people who match with you. Whether you use an email account or just your mobile phone, Slow Dating is an experience you are sure to enjoy.


Recommended free email accounts

To get your own email address which can be used from any location with web access (for example a Library or an Internet Cafe) is easy.  Two of the most popular web based email accounts can be obtained from :

If you have any questions, please call us on 0871 224 2828 and we will do our best to help.

For Speed Dating Email havefun@slowdating.com
or call us on: 0871 224 2828

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