How does Speed Dating work?

Speed Dating is ideal for you if you lead a busy life, and want to meet new people in a fun, safe environment. To find out what Speed Dating itself is all about, see our What is Speed Dating? page.

How does the whole thing work?

It's an opportunity to meet and date 12-15 people your age, who are serious about wanting to be in a relationship. You will date each person for four minutes, giving you the opportunity to decide if you want to see that person again.

Is four minutes per date long enough?

Four minutes turns out to be the perfect amount of time. Four minutes is short enough to leave your date wanting more if they are interested and four minutes is also not too long if the other person turns out to be a disaster for you.

We want you to have a fun, but also, ultimately a successful evening. At Slow Dating, we don't want to rush you. We feel that three minutes is too short a time with all the moving between tables and the note taking. We strongly believe that four minutes is the right amount of time to decide whether you're prepared to invest more time in follow up emails and phone calls to land a real date with someone you meet at one of our events. Four minutes per date also enables you to meet 12-15 people in one night without getting completely worn out.

How many dates will I get at a Slow Dating event?

You will normally get between twelve and fifteen dates depending on the venue location. Occasisonally we go up to twenty dates. Any more and you would probably be exhausted.

Why do I need to book in advance?

We need to ensure an even balance of men and women and we also need to ensure that the event is not oversubscribed.

What if I don't want to pay online?

Simply call our hotline on 0871 224 2828 and we can book you in over the phone - we take every type of credit and debit card. Alternatively send a cheque or postal order to us at:-

Slow Dating Ltd
The Penthouse Suite
7 Nuffield Way
Abingdon OX14 1RL

What happens when I arrive at the event?

When you arrive you will be welcomed by our experienced hosts, checked in and given a personalised numbered name badge and a pen and invited to have a drink at the bar. When everyone has arrived one of the hosts will do a short introductory welcoming speech, explain some of the logistics and reaffirm that they are there to make things run smoothly and to to make sure you have a good time.

What happens next?

Once the dating part of the evening starts, those with badge number one will sit at table number one, those with badge number two at table number two and so on. After four minutes, we ring a bell, the girls will stay seated and all the guys will move round one table. This continues (with a twenty minute half time break) until you have met everyone there.

What if I like someone?

During the evening, simply enter a tick on your Speeding Ticket corresponding to the person you like to indicate you may want to see that person again. The following day you can either sign in to the web site and enter your choices directly, or call the office and one of the team will enter your ticks for you.

How will I know if I get any matches?

After attending an event, and entering your ticks, you will be able to see how many people have entered their ticks, how many have ticked you and who has matched with you. Our matching engine ensures that you will also be sent an instant email and SMS text message whenever someone you have ticked visits the site and ticks you.

You can of course visit the site at any time to get the latest details. Chances are that you will be pleasantly surprised as to how many matches you will get.

Can you tell me if X ticked me? Can I have their contact details?

Speed Dating works by putting people who match in touch with each other. If you have matched with someone, you will be able to contact them again. To protect everyone involved we will not forward anyone's details unless there is a match.

I don't have an email address, can I still join in?

Yes. We cater for everyone whether you have an email address or not. You or your friend can simply use your/their mobile number in place of an email address. You or your friend are kept up to date with any matches instantly by SMS text messages after the event that you/they attend.

Do many people come on their own?

About a third do - we make a point of ensuring our hosts will make sure that you are comfortable if you do come alone. Don't be afraid to chat to other daters before the dating starts. Everyone is in the same boat, and most other people who arrive on their own will welcome you chatting to them too.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes of course. Many do for moral support and to help overcome those understandable nerves. We can normally accommodate your friend who wants to come along but not participate. There is no charge for this.

How long does each event last?

We do our best to keep the event running to schedule which means the event will last just approximately two hours including a twenty minute half time breather. Generally an event will start close to 7.30pm and finish between 9.45 and 10pm.

How should I dress for speed dating?

We do not operate a strict dress code, however we generally advise to dress 'Smart Casual'. This is not a fashion show - jeans and a smart top are fine, but above all - be yourself! Wear what you are comfortable with but don't forget that first impressions count!

How strict are the age ranges?

Relatively strict. If the age range for example is 26-34 then you are going to be out of place if you are in your forties. However if you are 36, are young at heart and accept the age range then you are likely to enjoy the evening, and hopefully meet the right person.

Why don't you do more events for older people?

We do cater for our more mature, more experienced customers by running events for those in their 40s and upwards. In fact, we run more events in the 40 plus age range than any other company in the UK. If you are in this age bracket, although there may not be an event currently showing for you, to ensure that you do not miss out, simply register your details and you will be emailed once an event is scheduled near you in your age range.

How much does it cost?

Depending upon the venue we hire, it's typically £20 or £22 for the event, and that includes the emailing reminders before the event; the professional hosting of the evening and emailing and/or SMS text messaging your matches afterwards. There is no subscription with our Speed Dating evenings. Feedback from previous attendees show that over 90% feel that represents good or excellent value.

What sort of questions should I ask?

We advise having a few questions up your sleeve, and have produced this guide of ideal Speed Dating Questions to ask. Download this 250 Speed Dating Questions ebook to your Kindle for further inspiration.

Why do your prices sometimes change after I book?

At particularly popular events and at busy times, we reserve the right to increase the price of an event. Occasionally, we may offer last minute deals to selected customers to ensure there are even numbers of sexes on an event night. After all, it is far better for everyone involved that the numbers are even, rather than having a few empty places.

Can I cancel?

Yes - provided you contact us by email at least seven days before the event you will be refunded in full - no questions asked!

How do I book for a group?

Simply click on 'Book an event'. Select the event you wish to attend and then select how many places you require for both ladies and/or men. You will then be asked to provide information for all your friends. If you don't know all the detiails, don't worry, we can obtain that later. You will be sent detailed booking confirmations by email. If it's easier for you to call us, simply ring our booking hotline and we can book your group on in a flash.

Any other questions?

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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