Speed Dating UK

Have you always wanted to try Speed Dating? Could you do with some help to meet likeminded singles near you? One of the many reasons speed dating in the UK is so enduring successful and popular is that it enables you to meet people in real life but in a controlled setting.

Millions of eligible singles are not signed up to dating websites.And it doesn’t have to be either/or. You can still do online dating, meet singles through your day to activities and go to speed dating events too. The more bases you cover, the better.

Slow Dating and Speed Dating near me

In England, we naturally run lots of successful Speed Dating in London evenings and the other cities where you can go UK speed dating include Speed Dating in Manchester and Liverpool Speed Dating. We also run Speed Dating in Bath, Speed Dating in Oxford as well as Reading Speed Dating and Speed Dating in Swindon on a regular basis and now Speed Dating Bristol and at all venues, you can take part with no email.

More UK Speed Dating events

Speed dating uk

Along the South Coast, we organise Speed Dating in Bournemouth, Speed Dating in Southampton, Speed Dating in Portsmouth and speed dating in Brighton evenings. In the Midlands, you can go Speed Dating in Birmingham, Speed Dating Leicester and Speed Dating in Nottingham.

If you’re further north you can enjoy Speed Dating in Leeds as well as Speed Dating in Sheffield, York Speed Dating and in the North East Speed Dating in Newcastle. South West speed dates include Speed Dating in Exeter and Speed Dating in Plymouth nights while over in East Anglia we offer Speed Dating in Norwich.

In Scotland, our speed dating is at Glasgow Speed Dating and Speed Dating in Edinburgh. And Wales has Cardiff Speed Dating. So as you can see this is the widest selection of UK speed dating evenings on offer.

Speed Dating statistics

Match.com has estimated that there are around 600 million singles in the world who use the internet and it is reported that less than 400 million of these have ever used a dating app. Just over 42% of these are aged 25-34. So if you are out with the peak online dating age groups, you have a smaller chance of meeting someone online.

At all our events, you will get to meet and date at least 12 single professional people and have a four-minute date with each of them – hence the term Slow Dating. While dating sites and meet-ups often experience a 60:40 ratio of men to women, speed dating is different, in that we can guarantee an equal number of each gender.

A Badoo survey found that we have many dislikes and likes in terms of photos (shirtless men is a no-no for the ladies, while snap chat filters are off-putting for guys). With speed dating, you get to see a real person in the flesh – no augmentation or posing. What you see is what you get, and you don’t have to agonise over finding the perfect pic to post.

According to a YouGov poll, 66% of people would be bothered if a date turned out to be much older on first meeting than they had said in advance. 61% said the same for someone much younger. As speed dating matches people by age brackets, this is prevented.

Speed Dating reviews and speed

What do other people think? You can read about past participants’ experiences and hear how they got on at these speed dating events, in their reviews.

If you’re new to Speed Dating, you might want some tips for getting started and making the most of your night, or to get an idea of what to expect. This video is packed with useful advice for newcomers. And don’t worry, every event will have lots of others who are also doing it for the first time. Our experienced hosts will take good care of you and help you feel welcome.

Speed Dating 101 tips 

If you’re needing some advice and top tips to get you started on your speed dating adventure, check out this video.

Seize the day and book onto an event near you for a great night out and the chance to meet that special someone.

Related Questions

  • How does the rotation work?

An equal number of men and women from within similar age brackets take seats facing across from one another at tables. Each couple has four minutes to chat. Once four minutes is up, a bell rings and the guys move along one place until everyone has had a chance to meet. You can find out more here.

  • How much does it cost?

This will vary depending on the location, the number of participants and venue but is usually in the region of £20. To find out exactly how much the events in your area cost, search on your town or city and pick from the selection available.

  • What do you wear?

We do suggest smart casual, but ultimately you should puck an outfit that reflects who you are. You’ll be sitting down for a while, so wear something comfortable to sit in.

  • Is it fun?

Yes! One of the brilliant things about speed dating is that it isn’t just a means to meet people, it’s also a night out – and you don’t need to gather a group of friends or create a pan for the night. That’s all taken care of for you, just relax and enjoy yourself.

Got more questions about Speed Dating in the UK? Have a read of our frequently asked questions for all the answers.