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Plymouth Speed Dating

Speed dating in Plymouth is the perfect thing to do, to meet that special someone. Plymouth is currently undertaking a project of urban redevelopment, the city of Plymouth is being to showcase itself as a rejuvenated, vibrant and intriguing place to live, work and socialise.

This is where our speed dating in Plymouth events can come into their own, giving singletons across the area exactly what they want in their quest of finding true love and their own rejuvenation. Speed dating in Plymouth gives everyone the opportunity to date many different people in a short amount of time, meaning it’s sure to have an enjoyable fun filled evening.

The next Plymouth Speed Dating events are:

Plymouth Ages 20-37
Seco Lounge, Plymouth Women:5 places remaining, Men:4 places remaining
in_stock £20GBP
Plymouth Ages 38-55
Seco Lounge, Plymouth Women:5 places remaining, Men:7 places remaining
in_stock £20GBP
Speed Dating Plymouth
Plymouth Ages 30-45
Seco Lounge, Plymouth Women:9 places remaining, Men:8 places remaining
in_stock £20GBP
Plymouth Ages 20s & 30s
Seco Lounge, Plymouth Women:10 places remaining, Men:9 places remaining
in_stock £20GBP
Speed Dating Plymouth
Plymouth Women 37-52, Men 37-54
Seco Lounge, Plymouth Women:9 places remaining, Men:10 places remaining
in_stock £20GBP

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Speed Dating in Plymouth at The Berkeley

The South West positive outlook doesn’t just concern the city’s history, diverse cultural background, and vision for the future but also the fact that Plymouth is quite different from any other UK city when it comes to looking for long lasting love.

As the 30th most populous area in the UK, many inhabitants of this diverse city form relationships based on work commitments or fun-filled weekend liaisons but for many, they seek to find alternate ways to find their ideal match.

While it could be said that there’s no greater evil on this Earth than a Monday morning where you wake up bitter, sad and frustrated all at the same time at the realisation you are single at this moment in time- now is the time to change your outlook on life and love.

Plymouth offers the perfect back drop for anyone looking to find love in a city that has something to offer for anyone. With such a large population, there’s always someone out there for everyone. Why not let us help you find that perfect ‘someone’ and the rest is up to you at speed dating in Plymouth.

Offering a fantastic range of speed dating events across the city, Plymothians know that regardless of the day of the week that Slow Dating is the only choice when it comes to finding love on the south coast of Devon. Our events are always full to capacity and remain highly popular amongst singletons in the city, time and time again and long may this continue!

Our speed dating in Plymouth events are catered to every type of person, meaning there’s someone for everyone at one of our events that you will hit it off with.

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Plymouth Speed Dating Venues


Seco Lounge


Seco Lounge 12-15 Mills Bakery, Royal William Rd PL1 3RP


Along Royal William Road.


01752 229375

For Speed Dating Email havefun@slowdating.com
or call us on: 0871 224 2828

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