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Success Stories

The company have been running Speed Dating events since September 2003, and this has resulted in many successful relationships and numerous marriages. Have a browse through the happy couple's stories!

    We've had 80+ weddings following introduction at one of our Speed Dating events! You could be next!

    Joanne and Wayne Wedding

    "Wayne and I first met at your speed dating event at Starz Bar in Exeter, it was a great night and I'm really pleased to tell you that as a result we got married! Thank you so much for bringing us together & being our cupid!”- Joanne

    Lloyd and Cita Wedding

    "I went along to Speed Dating in Southampton. It was just going to be a bit of fun and to keep my friend company. I only ticked two people, one of which I'm still with and we got married.”- Cita

    Paul and Emma Wedding

    "Paul and I met at Tiger Tiger in Newcastle! He was the last of 16 dates! I never imagined I would meet my future husband that night. It was 4 minutes that literally changed my life .”- Emma

    Isla Wedding

    "We just wanted to send our thanks to you for running your events. My now husband and I met Speed Dating in Southampton. Now over four years later we have a daughter and we got married last month!"- Isla

    Louise and Roger Wedding

    "Just thought you should know... We did it... Roger and I met at Mocka Lounge, Cardiff. We got Married! Thank you so much!”- Louise

    Crystal and Ross Wedding

    "I met my husband Ross Speed Dating in Oxford, it was love at first sight! May will be our 1st wedding anniversary. We can't thank you enough because we love each other so much and it was a result of those special 4 minutes.”- Crystal

    Rob and Fiona Wedding

    "Rob and I met Speed Dating in Reading. We got married at St Peter's Church, Caversham. Thank you for helping us meet.”- Fiona

    Glenn and Kerstine Wedding

    "Glenn and I met at your London Halloween party! We just got married and our son was born back on the 28th July. We have told lots of people about how we met and that they should attend.”- Kerstine

    Mark and Hannah Wedding

    "Mark and I met at a Speed Dating event at Bar So in Bournemouth. We got chatting and arranged to meet again. Little did we know that four years down the line we'd have been married for 2 years. Thank you so much. Please share our story with others so people can see these events are successful.”- Hannah

    Sarah and David Wedding

    "Sarah and I got married having met at one of your Speed Dating events in Manchester. It turned out to be a great event and thank you for introducing me to my new wife!”- David

    Cheryl and Simon Wedding

    "Thank you to everyone at slow dating, Simon and I met at one of your events in Leeds and we have just got married. We'd recommend you to anyone looking to meet a significant other, or just have a hilarious night out, we were lucky enough to do both at our one and only event!”- Cheryl

    Lucy and John Wedding

    "We married after meeting at Speed Dating in London. Thanks for the introduction, she's the best thing that ever happened to me!”- John

    Angharad and Stephen Wedding

    "We attended a Slow Dating event in Cardiff, it was our first and last speed dating event. We got married in December! Thank you so much.”- Angharad

    Holly and Ross Wedding

    "Ross and I attended a Slow Dating event in bath. Now three and a half years later we have just got married on the beautiful island of Sardinia in Italy!!!”- Holly

    Becky and Tom Wedding

    "I met my new husband Speed Dating in Birmingham. We got married in August! I am so pleased that we both attended the event. It was the first and only event either of us had been to and it was fantastic!”- Becky

    Sarah and Dan Wedding

    "Me and my husband got married after meeting at a speed dating event in Portsmouth. We always enjoy telling people the story of how we first met- thank you slow dating!”- Sarah

    Elizabeth and Dave Wedding

    "Dave and I met at a slow dating event in London. We got married! It was Dave's first event but my second, a freebie since I hadn't met anyone I wanted to re-contact at an earlier event, so it just goes to show that if at first you don't succeed....!”- Elizabeth

    Joanna and Tom Wedding

    "Tom and I met at a Speed Dating event at in London. We were married in May and now just back from our honeymoon. Thank you for the introduction!!! It's a hit when we tell people how we met, everyone is very impressed.”- Joanna

    Emily and Matt Wedding

    "Thank you for the Slow Dating event that you ran in Reading in March. Matt and I met each other there, and exactly a year later he whisked me off to Paris and proposed. Then exactly a year later we got married. We had a fantastic day and of course how we met made it into the speeches. We owe it all to a 4 minute meeting.”- Emily

    Kat and Nick Wedding

    "My husband and I have recently got married, having met at an event of yours in November. We got married in Canterbury .. we had an amazing day and would recommend speed dating to anyone. We also now have our first baby on the way!”- Kat

    Ellie and James Wedding

    "Having met at the Oxford event, Ellie and myself got married. I still recommend speed-dating to my single friends - hopefully they'll have some success soon!”- James

    Kelly and Malcolm Wedding

    "We met at a Slow Dating event in Reading in March. At the end of the event, all the girls stayed for another drink and were chatting about our evening. I remember another girl saying, "So, did you meet your future husband?" Well, turns out I did! Malcolm and I were married in New York City in October and are grateful to Slow Dating for bringing us together!”- Kelly

    Katy and Tony Wedding

    "Just wanted to say that we met at a Speed Dating event in Newcastle, had our first date two days later, and got married. We can’t believe how we met, but it added a great twist to our wedding speeches and will make a brilliant story to tell the Grandchildren. All this from just four minutes... thanks so much!”- Katy

    Vicky and Andy Wedding

    "We just wanted to say thank you for helping us to find each other. We met Speed Dating in Bath and were married in September!”- Vicky

    Cathi and Adrian Wedding

    "Just a quick email to thank you for introducing me to my now husband :-) We met on Speed Dating in Newcastle and we married at the Baltic. My hubby even managed to slip "4 minutes is all it takes" into his speech!”- Cathi

    Heather and Paul Wedding

    "4 minutes is all it takes! We met at a Slow Dating event in Leeds in March, got engaged in December and married in June. Thank you Slow Dating we wouldn't have met each other if it wasn't for the event!”- Heather

    Kate and Jon Wedding

    "I've attached a picture of myself and my lovely wife. We met Speed Dating in Birmingham - I didn't think i would met anyone as great as Kate. Its nearly four years later and we got married on the 26th of May, in what turned out to be the only sunny day of the summer.”- Jon

    Lucy and Tom Wedding

    "Hi slow dating thanks to you I got married to Tom Tomlinson, we met speed dating in Plymouth!!”- Lucy

    Susan and Marc Wedding

    "We got married this year and have two children :-) Just thought we should let you know that it was a very successful event for us!”- Susan

    Christiane and Stuart Wedding

    "I attended the speed dating event in Southampton. During that event I met my now husband. We got married 3 weeks ago! So just to say thank you for events like this and keep them coming. I have been recommending you.”- Christiane

    Tracey and Louis Wedding

    "Just wanted to say thank you. If it wasn’t for my friend persuading me to come along to your event in Swindon, I wouldn’t have met my husband. I never thought it would be possible to meet my soul mate at a speed dating event!”- Tracey

    Emma and Sam Wedding

    "Just to let you know that I met my husband at your Speed Dating event in Portsmouth and we got married! We have also been recommending your events to all our single friends!”- Emma

    Louise and Christopher Wedding

    "No one believes that we met through speed dating-but it really does work! I recommend for all my single friends to do it. It really boosted my confidence after the event as i was convinced that no one would tick that they wanted to meet up with me again, but loads did!”- Louise

    Helen and Christian Wedding

    "Christian and I met at The Bessemer in Sheffield in February, became engaged in April, got married in July and are now planning the rest of our lives together and as Christian said in his speech "it was all done with speed but never too fast! With a big thank you”- Helen

    Helen and Lee Wedding

    "I met Lee Speed Dating in Bournemouth. Here is a picture of us, we got married this year at the hotel miramar. We spoke a lot about slow dating at the wedding, so hopefully more and more people will give it a go!”- Helen

    Linda and Andy Wedding

    "Thanks to you, I fortunately met my lovely husband Speed Dating in Leeds. I was so nervous I almost backed out of the whole event at the last minute. Thankfully, I didn't, and I met Andy. I proposed to him on his 40th birthday, then 18 months later, we got married this year ~ thank you for giving us our happy ever after!”- Linda

    Alison and Jonathan Wedding

    "I met my husband during a slow dating event in Oxford in July. I’ve still got the record card from that night. We got married in April. Thank you so much Slow Dating - Who thought 4 minutes could lead to a lifetime of happiness.”- Alison

    Sally and Steve Wedding

    "Sally and I met Speed Dating in York and recently got married. We can’t thank Slow Dating enough for helping us find each other.”- Steve

    Libby and Danny Wedding

    "We both went with friends for fun and now we are married! It really does work, thanks Slow Dating.”- Libby

    Yvette and Daniel Wedding

    "Four minutes back in October, some text messages, a few dates, 1 marriage and a lifetime of love and happiness. Thank you for bringing us together”- Daniel

    Angela and Bevan Wedding

    "Had it not been for the speed dating experience I would not have met my husband, and we regularly wow our friends with tales of our meeting, who are amazed at our courage and nerve to do it, and probably secretly rather jealous!”- Angela

    Lauren and Graham Wedding

    "Well...here we are 2 years on. Both of us came to your Reading event exceedingly sceptical, and now we are married and have a beautiful baby girl. Thank you Slow Dating for helping us find our soul mates."- Lauren

    Jonathan and Sarah Wedding

    " It was pure fate that we were at the same Slow Dating event - We got married last year and we are having a great time together and love each other very much. Thank you very much for organising such a great event” - Sarah

    Leanndra Wedding

    "Thank you for introducing me to the man i have married. I really did not think i would meet a husband there but i did and we married in September this year, i defiantly would recommend slow dating to anyone wanting to meet someone.”- Leanndra

    Gavin and Nicola Wedding

    "Thanks Slow Dating - four minutes is all it takes :)" - Nicola

    Jennifer and Ian Wedding

    "Who would have thought when I sat down at table four that night my whole life would change?! Thank you for bringing us together"- Jennifer

    Lisa and Anthony Wedding

    "Anthony and I met June at Speed Dating in Exeter, he proposed two months later up Snowdon and we were married February in the Snow. We now have a six month old daughter all within two years, all we can say is it works!!!" - Lisa

    Natasha and Paul Maguire Wedding

    "Thanks for everything. I had to kiss my fair share of frogs in my time but my new husband is a real Prince Charming. I never expected this when I went Slow Dating, so thanks for making our lives complete." - Natasha

    Simon and Tamsin Wedding

    "Slow Dating really works!! I met my soul mate who is now my husband! 2 months after meeting at a Slow Dating event we were on holiday in Italy, 5 months after that engaged and now we are married. All it took was 4 minutes to know this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with!" - Tamsin

    Hannah and Craig Wedding

    "We married three years to the day after we met at a Speed Dating evening. As you may remember, I was a bit unsure as to whether to go or not on the night, so thanks for talking me into going. Oh, and thanks for the wonderful gift!" - Hannah

    James and Tania Watson Wedding

    "Thank you Slow Dating for introducing me to my bride Tania, I would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone else looking for that someone special" - James

    Julie and Steve Wedding

    "Just to let you know that Stephen and I got married! We met Speed Dating in Bath. Thank you so much!" - Julie

    Amanda and Ian Wedding

    "Back in August, I went Speed Dating in London. There I met Amanda. We met up for a drink and chat soon after the slow date, and our relationship grew from there. Amanda moved in with me, and in June we got married in New Jersey. Many thanks for setting up Slow Date and helping Amanda and I meet.”- Ian

    Emma and Ryan Wedding

    "We wanted to write and say a massive thank you. My 'now' husband and I attended your 4th birthday party in Oxford (lock and key) ~ nearly two years later and we are married" - Emma and Ryan

    Claire and hubby

    "Thank you so very much for introducing me to my new husband Speed Dating in Newcastle." - Claire

    Steve and Amy

    "We'd like to thank you for hosting the event. It has made us extremely happy" - Steve

    Darren and Fern

    "We met Speed Dating in Southampton, got engaged in Salzburg on New Years Eve and finally tied the knot in Beaulieu. Thank you Slowdating for bringing us together" - Darren and Fern

    Sarah and Paul Wedding

    "I sent an e mail to slow dating a while back to let you know that I met Paul during Speed Dating in Portsmouth. This year we married!! I would just like to say Thank You.”- Sarah

    Jo and Nick Wedding

    "We met in Oxford on Halloween Night and we married in Thame. No trick for us that night but definitely a treat!.”- Jo

    Richard and Rachel Wedding

    "We would like to thank you all for holding the event, and I would highly recommend it to anyone" - Rachel

    Nic and Mark Wedding

    "I attended an event in September and met the love of my life. We got married in Sept and are expecting our 1st child in April. I just wanted to thank you guys for bringing slow dating to Exeter. I would never have met my toy boy had it not been for your well organised and fun event."- Nic

    Jason and Sarah

    "I met my now wife last year at an event held by Slow Dating in Newcastle and well... pretty chuffed that I did" - Jason

    Shre and Sophie

    "We were least expecting to meet "the one" that evening. Thanks for making our dreams come true" - Shre

    Adam and Louise

    "We met in Oxford and were married on at Kimcote, Leicestershire. Thanks for making me very happy" - Adam

    Steve and Sharon

    "Just thought you guys might like to know your service has certainly worked for us" - Steve

    Kathleen and Greg Wedding

    "We just wanted to say thanks so much for arranging Speed Dating in Exeter. It was the third time both of us had been to an event and neither of us expected to meet 'the one' but we did! Greg still calls me his 'number 9'.”- Kath

    Sarah and Jace Wedding

    "I meet my now wife last year at an event held by Slow Dating in Newcastle…. and well, pretty chuffed that I did.”- Jace

    Liz and Steve Wedding

    "Just to let you know of a slow dating success story. After meeting at an Oxford event we got married this year in Las Vegas, honeymooning in Hawaii. We wanted to thank you guys for helping us find true love. Attached is a pic of us at our wedding reception at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas.”- Liz

    Yvonne and Declan Wedding

    "Just to thank you for introducing me to my future wife Yvonne, we met at the event in Edinburgh this year. So thank you very much, I never thought I would find true love at speed dating I just went along for a laugh.”- Declan

    Louise and Martin Wedding

    "My name is Martin and my wife is Louiza and we recently got married as a direct result of meeting at a slow dating event in Newcastle. We owe a lot to slow dating and are so happy to have found each other, and we also wanted to share with you that we have recently found out we are expecting a baby! We couldn’t be happier, thank you slow dating!!!- Martin

    Pauline and Paul Wedding

    "Just a quick email to let you know I met a girl Pauline at your event in the monkey bar last August and we recently got married. Just goes to show slow dating works!”- Paul

    James and Allie

    "I just wanted to say thanks to Slow Dating I have met and married the man of my dreams" - Allie

    If you have been married as a direct result of meeting at a Slow Dating event, simply send an email to us saying where and when you met, together with a picture of your wedding and anything else you care to mention. We love to hear the Success Stories following our events, so please do let us know!

    For Speed Dating Email havefun@slowdating.com
    or call us on: 0871 224 2828

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