Speed Dating in Swindon

Are you looking for a new way to meet people in Swindon? Speed Dating in Swindon takes the hassle out of meeting other singles and is great fun.

Upcoming Swindon Speed Dating events

  • The Royal Oak

    Ages 20-37

    Women:9 places remaining, Men:SOLD OUT
  • The Royal Oak

    Ages 38-55

    Women:SOLD OUT, Men:8 places remaining
  • The Royal Oak

    Ages 20s & 30s

    Women:10 places remaining, Men:10 places remaining

Some Recent Customer Feedback

Overall the experience was very positive and enjoyable.MariaSouthampton

The format was excellent - the night was so much better than I expected. Where did you get all the cute guys from?ZoeBath

Speed Dating has proven very successful for people who want more dates. Think about it, 15 to 20 fun dates in one night sure beats hanging around a bar hoping someone fun will arrive. The wait for a fun exciting night is over - you can speed date in Swindon now!
If you're fed up going to the cinema or just drinking for drinking sake, you really should give a speed dating evening a try. It gives you the opportunity to meet plenty of singles in one night and you decide who you would like to see again. You've only got four minutes to make your decision, yet you will probably find four minutes talking with other people is sufficient time to decide whether there is chemistry with the other person or not. You can then decide if you want to see them again. It also gives you the advantage of only needing to talk to those you don't want to see again for four minutes - revolutionary! No more being stuck at the bar chatting to someone who you know you don't bond with. It's a fun night out and with over 80% of people getting matched at our events, it's also successful. Checking availability is just a mouse click away.

Swindon Speed Dating

Speed Dating in Swindon is the only Speed Dating in Wiltshire that we know about. It's a case of supply and demand, and with Swindon being the largest town in Wiltshire, it makes it easy for everyone to get to.

With just four minutes per date in a Slow Dating evening to make a lasting impression, there is no time for dating blunders. You need to be relaxed to be truly successful, so make sure that you read our speed dating tips and then you will have left no stone unturned.

Events are held at an upmarket bar and we always insist that our events are held in a private room so you will not feel like a goldfish in a bowl with people looking on. Remember that this is the ideal opportunity for you to have a fun evening of flirting and frivolity where you will get to meet at least 15 members of the opposite sex in a relaxed safe environment. So now it's time for you to check out upcoming events, get booked on, have fun and maybe meet someone special.

If you work in the capital during the week you may want to check out our London Speed Dating events.

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Some of the venues we've used in Swindon

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